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OutFront Portable Solutions has developed some very innovative Cashier Tents and Show Tents especially designed to serve both the seasonal and permanent Garden Centre industry. These shelters provide both staff and customers with protection and comfort from outside elements.

Cashier Tents provide a friendly and spacious environment with a clear open view for customers making their purchases while still allowing staff to oversee the entire garden centre. Show Tents help in the display and storage of dry goods. Specially designed Cashier Desks are available for both types of these tents.

Why rely on OutFront?

  • Bowed or peaked roof designs
  • Versatile designs, easily expandable
  • Top quality vinyl, available in a variety of colours
  • Logo reproduction for strong brand recognition
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel construction
  • Easy construction with “quick-clip” assembly
  • Professionally engineered and certified

pdf16x16 Download PDF Brochure – Cashier and Show Tents

Show tents and cashier desks