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Retailing Structures and Display Hardware

OutFront Portable Solutions is the industry leader in display hardware, structures and systems specifically geared for garden centres. Our retailing structures and display hardware are used across North America by over 1,000 garden centres ranging from independent businesses to national retailers.

Our experts work with our customers to develop innovative garden centre layouts that optimize space, maximize retail sales potential and facilitate easy maintenance. Our products and designs are extremely versatile and completely expandable for future growth. From shade structures to show tents, from fencing to cashier areas, we’ve engineered, built and installed countless retail systems.

We carry a very wide selection of easy-to-assembly product displays, to help garden centres merchandise their product indoors and outdoors. Our displays are functional, stylish and flexible. They are easy to move, expand and reconfigure to help you showcase your inventory and grab shoppers’ attention.

To complement your displays and facilitate purchaser decisions, our innovative sign systems are especially well suited for garden centre purposes.

Why rely on OutFront?
  • Low capital investment; high ROI
  • Draw new customers; increase sales
  • Design, engineering, site planning
  • Top quality manufacturing with galvanized steel and vinyl fabric
  • Easy construction: we’ll manage store rollout and installation
  • Ongoing R&D for innovative new systems and products
  • Rental and financing options

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Retailing Structures and Display Hardware