Who We Are

OutFront Portable Solutions originally began in 1997 as a supplementary business to manufacture and supply tarping systems for the transportation industry. OutFront evolved into its current success as a provider of portable garden centre products, industrial buildings, fencing and steel fabricating services and continues to expand its products and services it offers to its customers. OutFront has the advantage of being a full-service provider in that we custom design, manufacture, certify, install, store and provide support for all of our products for our customers across Canada and into the US.

Our designs facilitate easy set-up and take-down with a minimum number of parts and tools. Our portable garden centre structures, products and merchandise display systems and services are used across Canada and the United States by over 1,000 centres ranging from local, regional and national garden centres, major supermarket chains, mass merchandise stores, Do-It-Yourself and many Independent Retailers.

For over 15 years, we have been the leading provider of our products and services in the North American market helping our clients achieve their strategic goals. We provide a full range of products and services from the design stage, through the manufacturing process and finally with the installation and maintenance programs we offer our clients. Additionally, as the manufacturer we are able to offer ready-made solutions as well as custom designed products depending on customer needs. Our in house Professional Engineering and 3D CAD Design team enable us to custom design our products to meet the specific needs of the customer.

OutFront has 2 subsidiary companies, XL Shelter and Easy Fence Rental and Sales. XL Shelter manufactures pre-engineered industrial grade storage and protection solutions for industry and agriculture. We provide unique building solutions implementing shipping containers for various uses including government and municipal salt and aggregate storage, mining and exploration, climate controlled warehousing and storage, construction site covers, environmental containment, airplane hangars and facilities. Easy Fence Rental and Sales speaks for itself in that it is a manufacturer of temporary safety and security fencing solutions. We offer same day delivery and have various rental and sale programs depending on our client’s needs.

With the recent acquisition of a manufacturing facility in the Buffalo area this will allow us to expand our market share, develop partnerships with neighbouring businesses for materials and create long-term client relationships with existing and new US and Canadian customers.

Garden Centre Products

Design Capabilities